The Artabet: How to Draw Anything in the World with 6 Universal Lines

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Twenty-five years ago, I discovered a secret about teaching art to children. 

After teaching thousands of shapes to hundreds of students I discovered that every shape in the world can be drawn with 6 universal lines. 

I call these 6 lines the Artabet. 

These 6 lines are like vowels. They are the basic elements for the language of art. 

If children master these 6 lines, the possibilities are endless. 

Who is this course for?

The Artabet was created for teachers and educators. The material is designed for students aged 5 to 12 years old. 

Over the years, I've held workshops and classes at schools across British Columbia. This book reflects those workshops, giving teachers a structured and easy way to teach art classes. 

What you get: 

The Artabet book contains . . . 

  • How to draw anything--from penguins to rocketships-- with 6 universal lines
  • Warm-up exercises for each class, helping children master the 6 lines of art
  • Over 30+ characters to draw in class with step-by-step instructions
  • Pencil tips and other useful info for educators 
  • Over 100 pages of drawing material that educators can use in their classroom   

  • The 100-day Artabet guarantee 

    Feel free to try the book in your classroom for 100 days. If it isn't for you, just email me at and I'll refund your purchase in full. 

    About me 

    I've been teaching art to children for over 25 years and frequently give art workshops in public schools. 

    I run Crescent School of Art and Music with my wife Sara. I'm also a contemporary landscape artist. You can view my landscape paintings here

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    The Artabet: How to Draw Anything in the World with 6 Universal Lines

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